Need a full router config! EIGRP or OSPF.?


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Hello. I'll try to make it as best explained as possible.

I have a son, who I caught red-handed configuring a router. Now, for his birthday, which is next week, I want to pull a good prank on him.

I'm gonna be in the mood to use either the EIGRP or OSPF protocol. However, I don't have the time to figure it all out. I'm a little busy.

However, if someone could think of a nice script for either/both protocols, I'll be very grateful. Heheh. Oh, I hope I can get a little under his skin with it.

Thanks, in advance.
Well, I did not expect him to do this, especially at his age. He is getting a little cocky, too, now that he has started configuring routers. The router I have is a model 2811, from Cisco.

Either protocol is acceptable. But, yeah. I'm hoping for a configuration script for either of them. I'll decide which protocol I want him to configure the router with.

I hope this clarifies my question?
The prank is, I'm going to make him try to configure this router using either protocol.

The script will be mine to use if he gets stuck, and too frustrated. That way, it will be easy to erase his configuration, and the appropriate config will be uploaded on the router within seconds, if my son gets too stuck. Heheheh! I'm such a wise guy!
Also, I'll give the script to my wife, so she can keep it safe from my son.

I'll configure the other router, doing the same, exact thing he's expected to do.

I forgot to mention that. But, yeah. We have 2 routers, and, me and my wife are both in on it. If my son configures the damn thing right, I'll be very surprised, and proud of him.

But, yeah. Don't forget - this is for a good laugh. He thinks he's this big know-it-all of networking. I appreciate it.