Linksys G router config please?


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I set the maximun number of DHCP users to 1 only, but when i turn on my other computer at the same time it still can connect all though i have set the maximum number of user to 1. Is this because both computers has the same ip address


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I think i know. By default the Linksys Routers are set to 50 DHCP addresses. So if you had anything connected before, then it is already reserved itself an IP address. If you flush the DNS by going to command console and typing in ipconfig /flushdns then ipconfig /release that should release everything. Also consider that the router itself MUST have an IP address, so if you set the DHCP to 1, then you are telling the router to let NOTHING online at all. anything on the network takes an IP address. So if you have 1 router and 1 computer that you ONLY want on the LAN, set the DHCP to 2 and refresh everything. Check the reserved section right next to DHCP also and see if your computers are set there. If so, get rid of those.