How do Cisco IP Phone licenses work regarding Cisco Communications Manager...


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...Express (CME)? We currently have a Cisco UC520, which provides licenses for our phones. We are thinking of upgrading to a big Cisco CME router, and I have been told we will need all new phones with user licenses included (not spares). I was researching this on the internet, and came across someone talking about being sold "fake" CME phone licenses, or "illegal setups" online. Yet others say that there is no such thing?

Basically, is the user license a code number on the side of an IP Phone box? is the code embedded in the phone firmware or do you need to enter it into the router for the phone to register and work?

Will our "spare" phones still work on the system without any licenses, and this is what Cisco refers to as an "illegal" setup? (We wouldn't do this of course, I am just very confused and trying to figure out how it works. There appear to be many different beliefs about the subject.

Anyone? Thanks!