Do you need pre-req's for a CCENT/CCNA training course?

Brian G

Junior Member

This question is for all the networking/IT engineers out there.

I have worked in a NOC for the past 4 years as a VoIP repair tech. We dealt with VoIP routing and problems across the network for a major telecom company.

I'm looking to make a new step in my career to get to a tier 1 engineer. I am a fast learner and whenever trained I have typically become a top producer within a few months.

My question is: do you need any pre-requisites or prior knowledge or experience before taking a CCENT/CCNA training course? Everyone who makes the transition from my job to this job seems to take this training followed by the exams.

I don't really have experience with switches routers and hubs although I do have a basic technical experience while working as a VoIP repair tech. We worked on wholesale call routing, alarms, server outages, etc.

Do you think I'd be able to follow and understand the course OK? Willing to work hard but want to make sure I'm not missing the boat on some things I need to do prior since there's conflicting info out there.