Cisco IP Phone System - Small Home Office Setup Help?


Junior Member
I'm interested in setting up an IP phone system for my small home/office. I am not technical at all and would like some help on how I need to go about setting it up and what equipment I would need. I would like to have four phones in total. 2x 7960G desk phones and 2x 7920G wireless phones, obviously with the cheapest hardware setup possible. If somebody could explain what hardware I would need (besides the phones) and how I would set up the system via Skype Connect or something similar, program the phone images/extension names/numbers, etc, and have the system up and running for all the usual (internal calls, paging, voicemail). What may also make it harder is that my computer system is made up of iMac's/Macbook Pro's and not Windows PC's, so any open source IP PBX software that can be used instead of Windows based programs would be helpful. Also, I know of the UC520 device, but is there any way I can plug my phones into the computer and run the system off software rather than having to use the UC520 which costs a lot of money? Also, I am aware that the new standard signalling is SiP equipped phones, however the wireless ones only seem capable of SCCP protocol. Can I combine the SCCP wireless with SiP deskphones or not/how would I accomplish that? Any help appreciated!