CCNA & CCNA2 Computer network & security help?

Mr who

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Hi i am struggling with CCNA i just cant get my head around it and the exams are too hard..some people finding it soo easy but me i dont know just dont find it interesting only doing it for the money. I am university student and just need help and advice if any1 been in my place before and how they solved the problem


Majestic Computing

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I used to not be able to understand CCNA concepts as well, but I found some videos on the internet that really helped. There is this website and the guy puts up some great free information but also paid videos (REALLY expensive) but they are worth it if you really want to understand, they are purchased through Trainsignal. There is a (mostly) free website called You can sign up for his question of the day/tip of the day/ and ultimate study guide which has a great cram booklet, and also a free program called 60 days to ccna.