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    DO YOU DRINK COFFEE Often. weak, medium, or strong? espresso

    1) Every day. An entire press pot. 2) First few cups, very strong - mellowing out as I go, by watering it down with hot water. Toward the end, it's more like coffee flavored water. 3) The first cup or two, from the press pot is so intense, it rather mimics espresso. I rarely do espresso. 4) I...
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    Linksys G router config please?

    I think i know. By default the Linksys Routers are set to 50 DHCP addresses. So if you had anything connected before, then it is already reserved itself an IP address. If you flush the DNS by going to command console and typing in ipconfig /flushdns then ipconfig /release that should release...
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    ccent certification or A+ then Network +?

    would it be better to get the ccent cert then the ccna or to do A+ then Network + then CCNA do i need A+ to get the ccent?